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Friday, 16 December 2011

15 list about....

Firstly, pardon me if i'm wrong

Secondly, i like to mix my bahasa because i'm in process of learning.  Lantak lah bahasa berterabor, i'm still learning and it will be fixed 1day. i.allh haha..

hey! hey!  you! you! check!  check! check! it OUT . .
what is 15 list 'mengeng' about.........
erk, who care's ? ?
but i do care~ huh
maybe someday 15 become 50 if i'm pushing a lot to think about myself!
weRkkk~ bajet femes.. hehe... sO, you nak kata ape? i love to write.. xsuke sudah am i correct?. heEee~

oh uk~

1.  I am to shy dressing up like others because i feel like i am a weird person.. ( yelah kite x cantik macam orang lain kalau kite dress up )

2.  I am always stick with the make-up because my course taught me to do so.. Heheheh ( eventhough sebenarnye x perlu sangat pun. Alasan je lebih )

3.  I feel like an alien wearing tudung bawal cuz i am much, much, much feel comfort wearing the selendang belit-belit.

4.  I do collect 'things' that i feel it's cute i guess.. heEee.. Contohnye Mr.patrick, Mr.teddy, Kuma2, Masquerade mask, Miss Flar2, Name tag, Perfume (eventhough the empty bottle i still keep it ), shoes, shirts, bags, bla.bla.bla.bla....

5.  I love painting a lot y'all!

6.  Love listening MUSIC

7.  I love travelling cuz i am 'kaki bejalan' in person.  I don't care where, what time, how much money that i have spent !  scary huh.. ( xde duit bejalan pun entah ke mane )..

8.  Not always stick with my h/p cuz i don't know why?.............ummm......... why huh?

9.  I do love photoshot, snapshot, and whatever shot don't shot me sudah laAaa~

10.  Urusan adalah sesuatu yang sangat, sangat, sangat, complicated ! so, I do hate dealing with people

11.  Always spend my money with something that cannot be seen anymore!  heheheh.... Guess what ? ? ? hahah... makanan la of course~ shiapa pulak yang nampak mCd dalam perut orang pulak kan??

12.  I am a person who cannot stand on my principle if someone influence me! when i'm start thinking, definitely i will change my mind ! argh~

13.  Coins is my best collection ever~ i don't know why hurmmm... ( maybe nak terase diri lebih kaye, well coins kan berat bile dah banyak simpan.. heheh... )

14.  I am not a sweet talker, not attractive at all, no sense of humor and dont even know cracking a joke. Pity on me (^^',).. oh!oh!oh! my fren said that i am a mature person. Am i??? ( sambil angkat kening double jerk .. erk dont know celah mane! heEeee )

15.  oh,oh,oh,oh, lastly ' i sound silly when i speak english ' ingat lagi tak ayat Sharifah Amani tu? but i switch the malay to english heheh.. You know that i cannot speak in english cuz the words will stuck in the middle of my throat.. haha lau bg writing im the champion~ ( erk.. champion ker ? )

Arghh rajin kan hempas pulaskan kepala fikir pasal diri sendiri~ Firstly i am hesitate doin this but i just want to share the 'menggeng' in me.. peace y'all !

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