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Friday, 3 June 2011

'blep'blep' person!

Nowdays, growing group are cursing like toopers. F-word, C-word, B-word, and evry letter of the words. . Fraknly speaking our language is a lot more colourful than those of our grandmothers who brought us up with those threating words : " say that again, and i'll wash ur mouth with soup!" or " ak cili mulut tu ". So many of us are swearing now. I'm woundering, who made us do it? Why it is happen? Are this is a part of the inner circle? or to be the one of the guys or girls by saying that? or do it just to look cool?. . . NaAaa. . . It is not cool. . I think by using 'forbidden' words it is much better rite?. :) Think about it, when we were kids,we  weren't allowed to use the F-word becoz , dear, thats a word only grown ups can use. . And when u grew up should u use that words?. . think by urself lah. . Mybe 1day the kids were pointing their finger to the olders by saying " My kkak can say 'shit', i just shovel it " . . huhu. . The only problem is knowing when to stop! of course it would be STOP! !. . u should managed to contain urself and have to be conscious of what u say on air. . So, keep the F-word out of ur vocubulary okeyh!. . ;)

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